#39 Menopause Age and Symptoms with Dr. Sharzad Green

Today, we are going to talk about menopause. I bring to you an expert to help answer your questions such as menopause symptoms, how it starts, what to expect, what treatments we can use over the counter, other types of medications that you would never think will be used for treating menopause, and cancer in menopause and hormones. Dr. Sharzad Green is well-known for her expertise in women’s health and is an ultimate expert in all vaginal health. Her vast experience for the past 21 years and having done over 20,000 private consultations allowed her to guide her patients through hormonal challenges, adrenal fatigue syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and nutritional supplementation.   She has been interviewed on several podcasts and youtube videos discussing the latest news and guidelines for better health. Dr. Green is very passionate about issues related to women’s physical and mental health, quality of life and integrative medicine. She developed FabuVag® vaginal moisturizer to bring happiness and satisfaction to women all over the world. FabuVag® is all-natural, no RX required and formulated based on studies. In this episode, Dr. Green dives deep into the issues of menopause, the misconception around it, and what you can do to prepare for it.  Why you have to listen to this episode:

  • Learn what is menopause behind the knowledge that it is a point in time when menstrual cycles permanently stop
  • Why you need to start knowing your body and keep track of your menstrual cycle
  • The changes in you physically, mentally, emotionally that you did not think is related to menopause

 What we talked about:

  • 4:24 What menopause is
  • 5:31 Signs and symptoms of menopause besides not having a period
  • 8:40 Do you need to undergo medication when you’re going through menopause
  • 12:23 Medications that are available to manage your menopause
  • 18:35 The best way to handle your menopausal symptoms
  • 28:44 Hormones can cause cancer
  • 37:11 Three steps you can do if you think you’re already in the menopausal stage

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 Tweetable takeaway:

My advice to any woman is to start taking care of yourself by eating healthy, paying attention to your body, meditating, taking the right supplements and reach out to an expert who can answer your questions. With the internet, it can be overwhelming to know what is best for you. That is why you need an expert on your side.

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