#40 How to Nourish Relationship with Your Teen-Young Adults

Are you having a hard time transitioning from your teens to your young adults? Do you wish that someone expert could advice you what to do with them now that they’re in a stage where they need to make their own decisions? 

Karen Vincent is a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Therapist, a Health Coach, a Speaker/Trainer and Founder of How To Parent A Teen, which is a coaching and consulting business with programs and products designed specifically for parents of teenagers. Karen has been working with hundreds of teenagers and their parents over the last twenty years, helping parents of teenagers improve their parenting effectiveness, improve their relationships with their teens and improve their communication skills with their teens. In this episode, Karen talks about the mindset of a young adult. She talks about how you parents can understand more your children. And what should be your key steps in your teens to be a confident adult.  She also talks about the boundaries you should set when your young adult opens up to you as to not scare them, but rather encourage them to open up with you some more in the near future.   What we talked about: 

  • 7:44 Things you should watch out for when your teen is hanging out with other young adults
  • 11:34 What issue usually arises when young teens who don’t want to be boss around work with an older adult
  • 14:48 As a parent, how do you step-in when your teen is in a difficult situation
  • 19:59 What you can do at home to support your teens
  • 23:31 What you can do for your teens to help them become a confident adult
  • 29:57 What can a teenager do to be more confident in asking advice or consultation to their parents
  • 32:51 What a parent should expect when a young adult or teenager ask for a consultation or advice

 Resources mentioned:Karen’s previous episode with us: Episode 32-How To Parent a Teenager with Health IssuesHow To Parent a Teen Website: https://www.howtoparentateen.com/How to parent teen FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/HowToParentATeenFan/  Connect wit Karen: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karenvincentcoach/Website: https://www.karenvincentsolutions.com/FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/KarenVincentSolutions/eMail: karen@howtoparentateen.com/karen@karenvincentsolutions.com 

Whatever your teen presents you with, stay calm. It could be something that’s neutral, it could be something that’s a little emotionally triggering. But initially, you want to stay calm, let them know that you’re happy they came to you.

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