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February 7, 2020

Bonus Episode ~ Corona Virus Update

With Marilena Grittani, RPh

Filled with sadness, I am updating the fast New Corona Virus Episode.
Unfortunately, the virus has spread and reached a pandemic level (epidemy spread around the world)

Some of the most relevant points she made are:

  • New official data of confirmed cases and deaths, as per February 7th, 2020.
  • New infographics and videos that will allow you to understand the situation a little bit better.
  • Visual aids, that could be downloaded and printed to publish at your place of work or schools.
  • Please share them, because these days information and prevention is the goal.

Take a minute to watch this concise video

This video from the World Health Organization (WHO), has a short, easy to follow and pretty complete information about the New Corona Virus ~ 2019, all within 5 minutes. It will be worth your time!

Fell free to share with your friends and family, via email, facebook, text message or YouTube 

" There is not treatment as it is right now that is not supportive, just to keep the patient comfortable and hydrated and helping them breathe while, their immune system helps get rid of the disease"

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How to protect yourself

"If you're coughing and you have fever, we will recommend that you go to the hospital to be checked, because number one, we don't want you to spread it and number two you might be in danger so we need to make sure you get seen. "

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"February the 7th, these are the current numbers globally dearies 31,481 cases confirmed,and 3,205 of them are new (within the last 24 hours). 31,211 of these cases I've in China with 3151 new cases in the past 24 hours. 4,821 of them are severe, and out of all of them 962 or new. There's been 637 debt 73 in the past 24 hours. "

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World Health Organization Infographics

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Update #1 Corona Virus Episode Transcripts

First Update (2/3/2020) ~ Episode Transcripts


Hello Marilena Grittani here. Welcome to The Legal drug dealer Podcast. I am a registered pharmacist, and also your host. On this bonus episode, I’m going to give you an update about the New Corona Virus situation and stuff that you need to know that are current and we need to be alert about because there’s a little bit more information. 


So let’s do it. I want to start saying that there is an episode about new Corona virus that has all the basic details about this virus and what it became and how did we start. I would absolutely recommend that you go back and listen to it and get a little bit more information because today I’m just going to do an update. That is bonus episodes coronavirus.


Please make sure you listen to the one in English because I’m doing the same thing make sure you click on the one that is in English I’m doing another update as well for the Spanish one this week I hope that I don’t need to make another one. Not because I don’t want to do it is just because everything gets under control. So let’s see how it goes.


So in general terms the current virus was detected in November 2019 in Wuhan, China it was detected because patient story having respiratory issues. It was believed to start from a market that has live animals and spread started there. The transmission occurs because of droplets that is originated from coughs or sneezes.


Now we can diagnosis with a test called PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction. That is what is going to give us in the lab results about being Positive or not. 


There is not treatment as it is right now that is not supportive, just to keep the patient comfortable and hydrated and helping them breathe while, their immune system helps get rid of the disease. 


Preventive measures are covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze if you have the disease. Wear a mask if you don’t and if you do as well so you don’t spread it. If you need to cough you can use a tissue that you will dispose, cleanly after using it and or cough directly to your flex elbow.


If you’re coughing and you have fever, we will recommend that you go to the hospital to be checked, because number one, we don’t want you to spread it and number two you might be in danger so we need to make sure you get seen.


It is important that you wash your hands constantly and use alcohol base hands disinfectant that you clean the surfaces set my in touch with patients that have cough or sneeze on it; that the virus might be present, it is important that if you have contact with live animals, you wash your hands thoroughly and you protect yourself with masks or protective measures that you might need; based on the area that you work.


If you’re going to eat any animal products, make sure they’re cooked thoroughly. And if you don’t feel good if you suspect that you might have the disease: stay at home, isolate yourself, don’t get in touch with other members of your family that might not be infected yet. And if you start getting symptoms like cough, fever or problems breathing, Call your local authorities and go to the ER immediately and they would know what to do with you.


It is also important to know that this is a new virus that we know very little of, so changes are developing constantly. And a lot of information are being published as the time goes by.


And that is what I want to talk about next. The information that I’m going to give you Next comes from the CDC web page that I’m also linking on the show notes. And there you will find all these links that I mentioned and on January 31 2020, the Health and Human Services Secretary declared a public health emergency for the US to aid nation’s health care community in responding to the new Corona Virus. Also on January the 31st, the president of the US have determined to limit the entry of immigrants based on the Gov virus risks.


All this information are on the cdc.gov page that I’m going to put a link on I’m going to put a link on this on the show notes that you can find on thelegaldrugdealer.com/Coronavirus2.


 The current situation on the US is the following through 12th positive Cases 225 negative cases and 100 pending cases, for a total of 337 cases, the positive cases are in the states of Washington, California, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.


Based on the situation report number 18. With the date that I’m recording this episode February the 7th, these are the current numbers globally dearies 31,481 cases confirmed, and 3,205 of them are new (within the last 24 hours). 31,211 of these cases I’ve in China with 3151 new cases in the past 24 hours. 4,821 of them are severe, and out of all of them 962 or new. There’s been 637 deaths 73 in the past 24 hours.


This is happening. really fast. So please be aware of this.


The information that the World Health Organization has outside of China is 270 cases confirmed, 54 of those cases are new within the last 24 hours. And there’s 24 countries that have been identified with this disease. And there’s only one death, out of China and that happened in the Philippines from a patient that was contaminated in Japan from somebody that was in touch with the virus in China.


I will invite you to go check out the situation report number 18 or 19, iIf you check it later or any later ones that you might have with the day they are listening to this, because this what the World Health Organization has as a current most recent information, and that way, you will be always updated.


I will put a link of situation report number 18 in the show notes That you will find on thelegaldrugdealer.com/coronavirus2.


There were health organization have for a little bit harder on getting more information to the public and they have posted a few videos by one of their leaders and they’re very easy to understand and in areas that we all need to know, like how can people protect themselves what is recommended to avoid, How is the new Corona virus affecting those that get it and of course all the downloadable infographics that they have developed for this I have a link on the show notes as well with this information.


They have also prepared a very easy to understand super short video less than five minutes, that is called novel coronavirus. And the novel part is because it means that is new that,has an infographic is very cool it is on my episode web page. And I’m gonna give you that web page again is thelegaldrugdealer.com/Coronavirus2. The link is also on the notes that you will see on the platform that you use to listen to this podcast


The World Health Organization also has a specific page that has Question and Answers is not updated since February the second but it has important information there. The link is also on the website in the same web page that I just gave you.


Going back to the CDC or the Center of Disease Control and Prevention website. They have built a few resources that you can download and print and they are in English, Spanish and simplified Chinese, which I don’t know what that means, I don’t know if that is Cantonese or Mandarin. I don’t really understand the difference but it is on the language to and basically they have information what you need to know what you need to do if you’re sick. It will be also a link in the episode page. 


They have also developed infographics with information of how to stop the spread of germs and they’re also explaining that if you are a traveler that came from China in the past 14 days that have either been in the hobby province or not what to do and how to do it.


And if you have been in China but other side that is not the province of Hobei they will give you also instructions there there’s a card that you will receive if you have no symptoms yet of what to do on how to notify your healthcare team in this state or the country that you live.


And that is very interesting because it has all the information that you would need if you’re traveling to the US. This card is also in simplified Chinese


I want to make special comments about health care providers. I understand that that’s their job, but they are definitely at risk because even though they take all the protection measures that we are Understand now they’re necessary, at least in China, a few of them have passed as well. Including a colleague a pharmacist work so hard, non stop trying to identify and help patients that had these virus that he died of extraction. He did not have the virus but he worked so hard. He was so committed to his job as a pharmacist, that unfortunately he lost his life.


I want to give every health care provider that is working on taking care of their patients or protecting the rest of the community Kudos and a shout out because without you, I don’t know what the rest of the world would do. Just protect yourself, guys. We need to good we need to save and the patients that you are treating need to be okay. So please do everything and anything that you need to keep yourself protected.


As I keep saying in the original episode that I talked about coronavirus. I wanted to be mindful of discrimination and people that you might treat badly because you’re afraid of the virus. So listen to that part of the episode and make sure you’re aware of that when you’re going around and meeting people. 


Going back to the World Health Organization, there is a page that has what they’re calling Myth Busters, which is infographics that would answer questions that apparently have been arising and it would help you understand for those that are afraid of it; they’re all downloadable and you can share and print if you need to publish in the area that you work. 


Some of the myths are, is it safe to receive a letter or package from China? Can pet and home spread the new coronavirus? Is there a vaccine already for the Corona virus? The answer is now another one is is the pneumonia vaccine protecting us against the coronavirus? The answer is no. Can regularly Brinson your nose with sailing solution will help prevent infection with the new coronavirus. The answer is no. Can gargling mouthwash protect you from infection within your coronavirus dancers know can eating garlic help prevent infection with the corona virus, the answers again is not. Does putting on Sesame will block the new coronavirusThe answer is no. Does the coronavirus affect old people or younger people because they’re more susceptible? The answers are right there the answer, I would say is yes and no. Are antibiotics effective? The answer is no. Is there any specific medications to prevent or treat the new virus? The answer is no. So all this information specifically are in this page that is called Mythbusters. And I have a link as well. On the show notes, thelegaldrugdealer.com forward.coronavirus2. 


I’m going to spell it again is co r o na vi some Victor. I are some road Us, I would like to ask you to be conscious to be mindful. Don’t think that because you feel okay, but you have a cough and you went through China, and you spend hours and hours in an airplane with people that were coughing, don’t think that you are above everybody else.


If you have cough, if you had had any fever, you must go to the hospital and get checked. And if you’re coughing, you need to cover yourself and you need to stay at home there is a 14 days, that you should be protecting the rest of the community, not only your family, but your coworkers and your employees. Nobody is that necessary. You can just talk over the phone for protect people.


And one last thing that I want to say because I already heard people doing this, don’t take cough suppressant to pretend that you don’t have the disease. That is not what you need to do because you might be masking, the contamination that you might have from yourself and you might get in a really bad shape, not knowing and not understanding. So please do yourself a favor and check yourself by a physician and get tested just in case.


And for all my colleagues and all people that are related to health care EMS, nursing, respiratory therapist, ER personnel, labs, Xrays or any related profession; don’t play to be a hero, you know that you can get sick as well.We are not immune to this. So please make sure you evaluate yourself like you evaluate your patients follow the rules because that is what they’re in place to protect you and the community and be mindful of what is happening.


This is a national emergency within the US and is determined to be a pandemic situation. You understand what that means and be mindful for you and the rest of us. If we are responsible. We’re going to stop the spreading of the disease. 


Please make sure if you remember this and yes, that is for you. The one that think I’m okay. Nothing is happening to me. That’s What happens to teenagers that think that they would never have a pregnancy when they’re having unprotected sex. And we know what happens with that. 


Please don’t ignore the preventive measures. Please don’t ignore the cough or favorite that you might have, and please don’t ignore the fact that you are responsible to protect the rest of the community. If you might have the virus.


Be mindful, protect your coworkers, protect your family, and protect your country.


I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’m scared. And if we all do the right thing, this should go away really fast


Hopefully, I don’t need to update this episode one more time, because it will be under control. But if not, I will be back when we have more information that might be useful for you and your loved ones to make sure you get protected and you understand what’s going on. 


Thank you for your time listening to this bonus episode, and I hope that you listen to the following episode that I’m publishing that is episode number 10, next Tuesday, and you would listen to a recap of The interviews that I have completed for the three previous episodes and about a little bit of the coronavirus bonus episode and a little bit about me.


I am posting I mentioned at the beginning another update in Spanish with the same information that I just shared with you; for those people that might have Spanish speaker family of friends that need the information as well. Please make sure you share it that way we will protect each other.


Thank you so much for your time, and for listening to this episode.


This is Marilena Grittani and I am a clinical pharmacist with the Legal drug dealer podcast. 


Have a wonderful rest of your day. 


Bye for now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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