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February 7, 2020

Bonus Episode ~ Corona Virus Update

With Marilena Grittani, RPh

As a human being that lives on planet earth, I am concern about this new Corona virus that is spreading way too far.

I decided to research and understand what it is and how it could affect me and my loved ones. So, I decided to share that information with all of you. I hope that you find it informative and it does help you.

Some of the most relevant points she made are:

  • What is this virus, why it is  called “CORONA”, how could it affect us, and how can we protect ourselves.
  • Where to find current information related to  Corona Virus, information that gets updated 2-3 times a week, by those international and national organizations that protect, inform and dictates protocols for the US and the world respectively  .
  • Visual aids, that could be downloaded and printed to publish at your place of work or schools.
  • What to do to protect yourself and those that you love.
  • Who is more at risk with this virus

Take a minute to watch this concise video

This video from the World Health Organization (WHO), has a short, easy to follow and pretty complete information about the New Corona Virus ~ 2019, all within 5 minutes. It will be worth your time!

Fell free to share with your friends and family, via email, facebook, text message or YouTube 

" So, what are the symptoms and how do you know somebody has the coronavirus? Well, cough and fever and problems breathing, which might be asthma, a cold or the flu we're going through the flu season is the middle of the winter season. So it is very normal. So this is why makes it so hard for us in the US and those countries that are in the middle of winter right now to understand and to separate who is affected by this virus. ."

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How to protect yourself

"Now who are the most sensitive people to get this virus? It is mainly those people that are weak in their immune system. We're talking about elderly, children, pregnant women, and also those that have immunocompromised system, which means that they might have cancer, they might be chemotherapy, they might have other viruses that have decreased their immune system. Healthy adults, normally have a good immune system that will protect them. Those are not the people that we have to be worried about. "

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"The World Health Organization is the main organization that has the current data and the only people that we should trust. A lot of news, Facebook and other sources that we get our news, are not confirmed official information. And this created a little bit of panic in the community. So if you want to know exactly what's going on, based on the information that we have internationally by the authorities, you go to www.who.int "

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All Corona Virus Episodes Transcripts

First Update (2/3/2020) ~ Episode Transcripts

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Original Episode Transcripts 1/28/2020

Hello Marilena Grittani here! Welcome to The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast. I’m a registered pharmacist, and also your host.  

Today I have this bonus episode for you because of what is happening in the world with what is called the Corona virus. And also because, I want my listeners to be educated and understanding all the details that you need to know about this virus, so you can protect yourself and and understand what needed to be done and what to do your others and also what to do if you suspect that somebody that you know is infected.

At the beginning the patients were related to an open market that they have live animals like chickens, and fish. And that’s why it was started it was transmitted from animals to humans, but now the transmission is definitely from humans to humans. 

The same way that this new Corona virus, that is the one that still doesn’t have definite name is acting, it’s affecting their lungs and also causing issues for people to breathe. 

As I said it was is a very recent virus that was detected originally in a place called Wuhan, in Hubei province in the center of China. It is a really big province with about 57 million inhabitants. And the city actually where it was detected, has 9.7 million inhabitants. 

So, what are the symptoms and how do you know somebody has the coronavirus? 

Well, cough and fever and problems breathing, which might be asthma, a cold or the flu we’re going through the flu season is the middle of the winter season. So it is very normal. So this is why makes it so hard for us in the US and those countries that are in the middle of winter right now to understand and to separate who is affected by this virus. 

So how people get so sick that they die? 

Well, mainly this virus enters to your body, we will talk about it a little bit later, locates itself in the blood, and then starts reproducing and attacking specifically the lungs, which is where you get your oxygen from. 

So because the virus reproduces really quickly, it invades literally, the lungs cannot work anymore. So the ability of the lungs to contract and expand getting air and oxygen into your veins for you to survive is compromised. You basically cannot breathe, the cough occurs because your body’s “feels” those viruses inside. 

And the intention of the cough is to get it out. You’re coughing something because you’re trying to get something out of your body understands that he’s harming it. 

That is precisely the problem. When you cough is like a spray, that spreads in a very high speed all over the area, when you think about those sprays that you use to make an environment smell, just use a little spray and it spreads all over the room. The same way occurs with cough. 

So when a person that is contaminated coughs, all those viruses that are inside that are able to be pushed out, and the viruses are spread all over the surfaces, around the person, counters, furniture, clothing, all that contains the virus. 

So if you are close to somebody that has been contaminated, but this virus and he/she is been coughing around all those surfaces have the virus. That’s why cleaning and disinfecting is very important. 

Also, covering your mouth. Because if you do cover your mouth when you are contaminated, you don’t spread the viruses that much. 

So when somebody has the virus or is coughing around you, you might be contaminated as well. 

The other problem is that you can touch the surfaces, we are talking about counters, furniture, clothing tables, that this person that is contaminated has been around and coughing around. And then if you touch it with your hands, and then for whatever reason you get that hand that is not clean that you have not washed, after you touch the viruses in your mouth or your nose or your ears, then most likely the virus is going to come in and cause an infection on you. 

Before I move forward, I want to talk about two big organizations that we have in the world and in the US that are managing this problem. The first one is the World Health Organization (WHO), a worldwide organization that handles situations like this. This is the most important source of information that we have these days because it is in charge of understanding and stopping this virus from spreading even more than it has spread. The website is www.who.int is international and if you just Google World Health Organization, you would have that. It has a lot of information, I would absolutely recommend for you to visit that page. And I will put links on the show notes as well as the website episode so you will find it is going to be at TheLegalDrugDealer.com/coronavirus. 

The other organization that I wanted to talk to you about is the CDC is an American based organization, the Center of Disease Control, the CDC is located within the US. And they are given us all the recommendations. And all steps were to follow to control this outbreak of this virus. So I also recommend for you to go visit that website. It also has a lot of information there. That is very easy to understand because it’s for the community. I will also link that on the show notes as well as the page on my website as this episode again, is thelegaldrugdealer.com/coronavirus 

As I said, the World Health Organization is the main organization that has the current data and the only people that we should trust. A lot of news, Facebook and other sources that we get our news, are not confirmed official information. And this created a little bit of panic in the community. So if you want to know exactly what’s going on, based on the information that we have internationally by the authorities, you go to who.int; And then look for the situation report. 

The last report that we have that is report number eight that was published today says that globally, we have 4593 cases confirmed 4537 of those confirmed cases are in China. They have also 6973 suspected cases that are not confirmed yet. Out of all those cases. 976 cases are severe and unfortunately, they have had 106 deaths in China so far. Outside of China, there is 56 confirmed cases and 14 countries that are involved. That means that there’s 14 countries that have had patients confirmed with this virus. The countries that have confirmed coronavirus cases confirmed are China Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, the US and Vietnam. 

If you think about how quickly this virus have spread all over the world literally. With this little time, it is an emergency!. We are all scared about it because it’s spreading. So Fast and so quickly all over the world. 

Now I want to talk about that a little bit. If we were talking about 40-50 years ago, when traveling to other countries was not that big, that popular, that massive, then controlling this type of viruses, outbreaks would have been easier. But because these days we have so many people traveling all over the world every day constantly, and China being such a big commercial and business and tourism focal area, then this is easier to understand. 

One thing I wanted to let you know is that the Wuhan city and the whole Hubei province is a pretty big area as I said; they have a lot of agriculture like cotton, rice, wheat and tea. They have a lot of automobile industries. They also work metallurgic textiles, food and High Tech. Also because it’s the winter they have a lot of mountains around the area. And they have is very touristic because people go there to ski. 

People that have been there in contact with virus might not be necessarily Chinese nationals, or families of this nationality. It might be somebody that went there as a tourist, it might be somebody that was doing business with them. It might be somebody that was wanting to do business with them. So please do not discriminate people because they are from China, or because they might look Chinese. 

Because you don’t know where somebody that looks exactly like you that is not necessarily Asian have been, that person might be there on vacation, and you would never think about that. So keep your mind open. don’t discriminate. Don’t jump to conclusions and just understand what you need to know. 

Basically what you need to know if somebody coughing close to you, you must go at least a meter from there, which is at least 10-15 step, ask this person to cover themselves and if you don’t know this person, just go away from this person wash your hands, thoroughly, use soap and warm water. And if you can, use the disinfecting gels that are based in alcohol that we all know about, it is okay to carry that with you just to clean yourself if you have to be in public. 

Now, if you have a cough, whether it’s because you have a cold, you have the flu, or because you simply have asthma and you cannot control that. Please wear a mask and make people understand why you have this cough. Because at this point, people are panicking. 

So we need to be as informed as we can! 

Now who are the most sensitive people to get this virus?

It is mainly those people that are weak in their immune system. We’re talking about elderly, children, pregnant women, and also those that have immunocompromised system, which means that they might have cancer, they might be chemotherapy, they might have other viruses that have decreased their immune system. Healthy adults, normally have a good immune system that will protect them. Those are not the people that we have to be worried about. 

Now, when you work in an area where you have a contact with public and there is a lot of people coughing, I would suggest that you wear a mask just for you to be protected. 

Now how does the mask protect you? 

Well, normally even the little ones that they still at the pharmacy, have several layers of fabric that you have to get air through in order to breathe it. So if there is any viruses around the area where you breathing, they will be caught in this fabric or paper like material and you will not get any in your bodies. 

Now, those masks if you have been in contact with them are contaminated. So please don’t touch them. Get him out of your face from the back. And then just holding the part that you either have the elastic area, the elastic part of it, or the ones that you tied behind your neck behind your head. Grab it from that area and put her in the trash. 

DON’T TOUCH THE MASK! because that is what is protecting you and that’s where if any, the viruses are going to be. 

So let’s just talk about the virus a little bit. 

A virus is an entity that is pretty different for what we know, is not a new bacteria, which means that it does not cause an infection that could be treated by an antibiotic virus work different than bacteria. So in order to get rid of them to kill them, we need to use different medications. So antibiotics normally do not do any harm to viruses. We have other products, medications that are called antivirals, that is what definitely would act in their system for them to be killed. Like if we have patients with the flu, we will recommend an antiviral that is purchased in the pharmacy that you can use definitely to decrease that spreading of that virus in your body and your immune system with the medication will work together and help you get rid of it. 

So that’s the only way that You will be helped to get rid of the virus, not with antibiotic.s. 

So please, if you have some at home, which you shouldn’t, that are left over for whatever, don’t take them! they will not help you!

Please do not panic. That’s not what you need to do. 

What should you do? 

As soon as you know that you have symptoms or as soon as you know that somebody might have the symptoms, whether it’s because they traveled to China recently or because they were in touch with somebody that did. Then you need to talk to your local authorities or local hospital. When you call in you say “I’m talking about coronavirus, I need help”. They will immediately transfer you to the people that you need to talk to and then they will help you get the information that they need from you and then they will act immediately. 

Don’t call the CDC don’t call 911 they will tell you exactly what I’m telling you to call your local hospital. Or the health department in your state and then they will guide you and tell you what to do. 

Meanwhile while this person is at home or yourself, you have to cover yourself, you have to stop spreading it. So wear a mask if you have one, use something to cover your mouth when you are coughing. That is not your hands, because if you coughing your hands, the virus is going to be in your hands and whatever you touch is going to be spread. So make sure you do that. And also make sure you wash your hands constantly and whoever is around you is wearing a mask and you are only in a room one room that very few people are going to visit and not for too long and they are not touching anything. And you’re just there in the ventilated room waiting to hear from the authorities to know what to do. 

So this is what is happening as well with people that are staying at home that have that have been determined that they positively have the virus. Because they might be young and in good health, and their immune system is responding to them. They’re not having symptoms that are to get them into hospital. So they might be able to stay at home, because the hospitals are just being restricted for those that really need their attention. 

If you know somebody that is contaminated in your town and is at home, that is normal, that person is very healthy, that person is capable to spread it, but most likely the authorities are controlling it, they are supervising that and have instructed this person what to do to keep it contained and not spread it anymore. That could happen. 

So that is a possibility for you if you are contaminated, but if you have problems with your immune system, if you are sick, if you have a lot of diseases on top of this virus, then you are at high risk they most likely are going to get you in the hospital. 

Another important piece of information with viruses is that they take up to 14 days for them to spread in your body and start causing the symptoms and signs that are typical from any disease. In this case, it might take up to 14 days for you just are coughing, you have the virus, it might be in your body but not doing anything to you and you might not even know. So that’s why people are saying if you have travel or if you’re in touch with somebody that has or have the virus in the past 14 days, you should be staying at home being isolated, just in case you had it and you don’t continue spreading it. 

So if you travel to China recently, and you were suspected to have it and you were not tested, and you’re within those 14 days and you start coughing, you need to go see your local health department or your physician called your doctor you need to go be seen you need to talk to the local hospital and explain what’s going on they will check you, they will make sure you’re okay. And then determine if you have if you’re positive or not. 

Now, if 14 days have passed and you have no symptoms, then you should be okay. 

But be responsible. And do not think that because you don’t feel anything, but you have been in touch with somebody that had it or you been in areas that are being considered high risk of contamination to the world favor and stay at home and report yourself as possibly having it you don’t need to go to work and you need to be going to school just stay at home and stop the spreading of this disease. 

I know it’s hard I know you might feel like people are looking at you weird or it might be you that is looking at people we are because they might be contaminated. It is human nature to do stuff like that. But just get informed and understand what to do and how to treat others even if you think that they are contaminated or they are confirmed. terminated. 

So there is a bunch of resources in those two web pages that I told you about the World Health Organization, as well as the CDC, the center of this is control that are downloadable that you can read, and you can spread information. 

If you live in a community that doesn’t know anything about it, you can take the lead and go find this information and print it and publish it. 

If you work in a area where you have a lot of people that work there and you don’t have that much information if you’re in charge of people, if you work in the school, in the university, any places that you have people coming in and out and you would like to print this to get people in form.

I will give you the links so you can click on it and then download them immediately. So they will be at the show notes and also the best place for you to get it is going to be on my website. The legaldrugdealer.com/Coronavirus. It’s spelled C or R Oh, and a V as in Victor. I are seven rows u s core ragna virus. There, I will have all this links I will have the show notes with the transcription of everything that I’m saying today and also some data that is important for you to have. 

Now I want to talk about patients that are confirmed contaminated in the US as per the Center of Disease Control or the CDC, January the 27th. They have five confirmed positive cases 32 negative cases and 73 Pending; they are tested but they don’t have results yet. 

So we do have five positive cases. And the states that have them are Washington, California, Arizona, and Illinois. 

The government has established us today 20 different points of entry of planes coming from different areas that are suspected to be contaminated mainly China today People that are coming on those planes to make sure there is no more spreading of it. It was one place before now is five, then you became five airports. And now it’s more than 20. 

The government in the US and the CDC are trying to control this and they’re working for us. So we have nothing to fear they have this under control.

Because it’s not confirmed yet, that we cannot get the virus from animal or meat or egg, the World Health Organization or WHO are recommending that we thoroughly cook meat and eggs and we avoid unprotected contact with live wild or farm animals. 

The most spread that is being reported is human to human but they believe that it started with animals. So if you work in a farm, if you are in touch with animals, if you work in the zoo, those animals most likely will be okay; but maybe your organization should be taking in place, cautions for you to handle that. 

And as everybody says, wash your hands if anybody cost around you, if you are coughing wash your hands and don’t cover your mouth with your hands cover with a piece of fabric or paper towel and discard that or wash it immediately do not spread the virus. 

So what is happening once the patient is being diagnosed…

…tested and positive and then having bad symptoms the patient is brought to the ER the ER nurses and physicians are trying to determine, how to get to where you need to go you need to be isolated and they need to get to immediately to a negative pressure room; which is a room that is designed not to get air from it to the rest of the hospital is actually air comes into the room but gets out through filters and outside to the world , not inside of the hospital so there is no contamination in the area where the room is. 

Normally those kind of rooms have an extra area worries buffer which is a room that is like an empty room is before that room where people can get going up and get protected and then they get inside so it’s very secure, not to spread whatever is contaminating these people that are in this room,In this case the coronavirus, to get it to nurses on to other patients that might be in that area of the hospital. 

Once the patient is admitted, the patient needs to be tested find out what the problems are. If the patient has severe acute respiratory infection, or SARS, they have protocols to treat them. So they will know the doctors and nurses would know what to do with this specific patient. 

What they will do is start the protocol, every medication and every precaution that these patients need. They will have them in supportive therapy and they will closely monitored them. They would also of course, collect specimens like from their saliva and their mouth or the cough to get them to the laboratory, so they can diagnose it,.

They will help them breathing, because the main problem is that they cannot breathe. So they will help them breathing they might have to intubate them. 

And the main problem that is killing people is septic shock. 

So what is sepsis? 

Sepsis is an overwhelming and life threatening response to an infection, whether is from a bacteria or a virus. Normally your immune system works fighting them, like the army that is protecting you from any bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. But once you get an infection, we don’t really know why, when is that severe and that fast, our immune system turns on us and attacks us as well. And that is what is called sepsis is not controlled, and it affects organs so badly to the point that he could lead to death. 

A severe case of sepsis will cause organ dysfunction, that means that maybe your lungs, your kidneys, your heart, your brain are not going to work properly; you’re going to have a lot of difficulties breathing, your kidneys might not work well… So you cannot urinate, your liver is not going to work properly and it might just not filter anything and then you will alter your mental status because you have none of your organs are wanting to work. 

So these patients normally end up in the ICU and intensive care unit being treated, whether is that they can use antibiotic to treat them, which we said is not the case for this virus; they also get medications like blood pressure medications and other support treatments because this virus is so recent and because we don’t have that much information about it. 

There is not a known medication or antiviral, that will work with it. So that’s why we need to prevent it from spreading from getting people to have it because we don’t know what to do with them once they have it. That’s why so many people have died. 

One thing that I want to communicate to you is that, the authorities and the local Health Systems, as well as the health department in your area, have been working diligently not only to control this, but to educate every single person that might be in touch with a patient like this with with a patient with this virus within their facilities, the doctors, the nurses, everybody have been trained for this. 

They did it immediately as soon as this was considered that risky and they could spread. So the best bet that you have is to go put yourself in their hands, if you suspect that you might be contaminated, and they will do the best for you and you will do the best for people that you love because the last thing that you want to do is to contaminate them. 

I know this for a fact, because I’m very close to somebody that works for a health system that they have banned for 14-21 days, anybody that have traveled to China that works in this type of facilities. 

So if somebody wanted to sign on vacations to ski or to for business, and they came back to the US and they happen to work in a hospital, or in a health related facility, they’re not going to accept them to go to go to work, because they might spread the disease. 

So if anybody knows if any place is safe, if there is a place and somebody that you can trust is going to be a health provider that is related to a hospital, mainly those hospitals that have emergency room, don’t go to your doctor regular office, don’t go to a non emergency facility because they have not been trained for this and they might simply turn you around, and tell you Just to go to an emergency room department. 

So important things to remember is that is I just want to summarize what we what I have said so far, based on the report from the CDC which is the Center of Disease Control in the US, and the WHO, which is the World Health Organization. Those are the two main authorities organizations that are telling us what it is what’s happening and how to help and treated and prevented. They have said that he had spread from China to some countries. We do have five cases in the US that have been tested positive. We continuously check people that are coming from China or potentially being in touch with anybody from China when they come to the US. 

They have been tested before they are free to go.

Then every single facility that is in the state or the area where you live, have been instructed and trained of what to do if a patient with a sentence present. 

You need to know that if you’re coughing, you should cover yourself because you might be spreading it. 

If you are in touch with a lot of people that you’re not controlling who might be infected, I would recommend that you wear a mask and then don’t touch the mask after you take it out. Just use the elastic part or the part that you tied behind your head to grab it and and dispose it in the trash. 

Clean the surfaces everyday with alcohol based products. Wash your hands constantly and use alcohol based disinfectants for your hands. Those hand sanitizers that we have everywhere. 

And if you have been infected, just go check yourself with your local authorities, whether it’s the health department or the closest emergency room that you have, so they can help you. The faster you get treated, the better you will have results. 

Also, please don’t discriminate people because they might look Asian to you. Also, please don’t discriminate people because you know are from China, because they might not even been in touch with anybody from there. 

And don’t think that because somebody does not look like is Chinese might not have it. Because there is a lot of tourists there’s a lot of business that was happening in that area, and they might be contaminated and they don’t even know. 

So if you see somebody coughing make sure you get distance from this people and wash your hands. And if you can just Leave the area and make this person leave as well.

Follow up with the authorities that are in charge of this information. I will give you all the links on the on my web on my website, the link if you go to thelegaldrugdealer.com/coronavirus that it’s spelled c o r o n a  v i r u s; you would find all the links with the World Health Organization and the CDC or the Center of Disease Control of the US that are available right now for you to learn and understand. And there is information that you can print that you can download and that you can publish in the areas that you leave work or churches or places that you visited that you want people to be informed. 

If you have any specific questions, please send it to me a comment@thelegaldrugdealer.com; Or even more importantly, go directly to your local authorities. If you think that you’re a contaminator or somebody that you know. 

If you have questions about general information about something that you think I might help you with, I will be happy to help. 

But if you are contaminated, if you think that you are, you need to go to the ER as soon as possible. 

Hopefully this episode will help you to understand what’s going on and what to do with it. Hopefully soon, this will be controlled and we don’t have what is called a world pandemic, which is an epidemic that is around the world. 

And this has been controlled but if not, and we need more updates and we get more information that are strong enough and important enough We’ll make sure I get another episode to inform you. Thank you for trusting me with this information. 

Thank you for listening and getting educated with this big challenge that we’re as humans are dealing with these days. 

And thank you for dedicating the time to get educated and informed. 

Again, this is Marilena Grittani. I’m a registered pharmacist, and I am the legal drug dealer. 

Thank you for listening.

Bye for now. 

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