COVID-19 Vaccines

Last week, we talked about the Corona Virus and today, we are going to talk about COVID-19 Vaccines, how it works, what it is that it does and how it will protect you from the virus. 

As you all know, I already mentioned from the last episode that I already got the vaccine. And I want to share to you today my own experience about it and why I recommend that you get it too. 

What you will learn from this episode:

  1. How Vaccine is created
  2. How it communicates to our immune system
  3. Vaccines are created no to prevent us from getting the virus, but to help our immune system combat the virus
  4. Why some people are having anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction it
  5. What you should do before and after you get the vaccine

What I talked about:

  • 2:00 Different functions of the cells in your immune system 
  • 16:30 The creation of the vaccine
  • 18:12 How MRNA Vaccine works
  • 22:47 Why do we need second dose of vaccine 
  • 31:17 Does COVID-19 vaccine prevents us from getting the virus
  • 38:12 Vaccine side effects
  • 44:08 Physician, Pharmacists, and Scientists advise to people that have a weak immune system
  • 49:26 Anaphylactic reaction or severe allergic reaction to the virus

This is me having a shot of the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Let me know what you think about our conversation and if you have any questions send them to   Or better send me a voice message: 

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