Have you been dealing with a chronic disease all your life? Have you been taking and maintaining pills for so many years to get better, but got no better result? Are your doctors telling you that they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you and why are you suffering from that certain disease?  What if there’s a way to treat autoimmune disease without taking so many pills? What if there’s a way to really get into your health condition by just tracing back how you live your life, especially the kind of diet you have for years?  Kira Whitham is a Functional Nutritionist and the founder of “A Nourished Life.” She holds a Master’s in Health and Nutrition Education degree from Hawthorn University with additional training in Functional Medicine. She helps women with autoimmune disease fire their doctors and restore balance through diet and lifestyle changes. And is a strong believer that food has healing qualities and the majority of our problems can be solved through proper nourishment.  In today’s episode, Kira talks about how your diet has a deep connection to what your body is experiencing right now. How proper nutrition can help you get past it.   What we talk about: 

  • 2:13 Functional Medicine being grounded in Science and not a hocus-pocus
  • 5:05 How nutrition can help you take your own health. 
  • 8:43 What is 85-15 nutrition principle
  • 11:27 Two misconception around eating healthy foods in general
  • 13:37 What is dirty dozen and clean-fifteen
  • 17:31 The first 3-steps you need to take into consideration to start eating healthy foods
  • 19:23 Kira’s favorite quick, easy, healthy, meal that you can copy to start your healthy diet
  • 23:00 What is Nutrient-dense, and how can you get that
  • 26:16 How do you pick what diet is best for you

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 Tweetable Takeaway:

“A diet is not meant to be just like a short-term fix, it’s meant to be a lifestyle”

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