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Getting Pharmacy as a profession Closer to The Patient

January 10, 2020

Recap and Some Personal Stuff

Marilena Grittani, RPh

I know that the first 4 episodes were rather heavy on information, but I wanted to let you know what we really do and how we do it.

I also included a summit that is happening on January 15th – 29th, 2020, where I will be participating as a speaker. I will be talking about street drugs, controlled drugs, what I think of CBD, and how a patient’s, in general, perceive drugs.


"The environment that we have there (independent pharmacy) is more inviting for conversation, for counseling for recommendations, and for a relationship with the patient."

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As I promised...
Here You Have A Couple of Photos Of My 2 Coworkers

Here you have my 2 beloved and very spoiled yellow Labradors:

Bella Cristina and Zoey Gabriela.

Not it is your turn to send me your pet’s photos, email them to me at comments@thelegaldrugdealer.com

On the left, you have the super elegant and very proper Bella Cristina, and on the right, you have my super loving and sweet (too much actually) Zoey Gabriela.

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"Every single medication every single drug, every single recommendation that comes to the patient, specifically from the pharmacy department is made by a pharmacist that works on this"

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Episode Transcripts

Marilena Grittani, RPh 0:00
Hello, Marilena Grittani, here. Welcome to The Legal drug dealer Podcast. I am a registered pharmacist. Get it; a pharmacist is Legal Drug Dealer. I know I’m not funny, but I like it. I am also your host.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 0:17
Today I’m going to talk to you about the past four episodes. And a couple more things that are a little bit more personal, that I want to share with you that had nothing to do with the previous episodes. All this information, I believe, is important for you. And also I think you will be curious about it because I have mentioned them already. And you might want to know a little bit more about it.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 0:42
As I said, I wanted to review what we did in the previous four episodes about pharmacy in general. I want you to know that we’re doctors, that we have a ton of chemistries and therapeutic and pharmacology, which is the science that studies how drugs work and a human or an animal, and also how much of an expert related to drugs we are; way more than others, like physicians, physician assistants that you believe are more knowledgeable about drugs than us. But that is a misconception, and I wanted to clarify that.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 1:26
Also, I wanted to talk to you about what a retail pharmacy is, and specifically, what are the differences between a chain pharmacy and an independently owned, retail pharmacy is the difference our big, everybody has their choice or depending on the situation you will use one or the other. And then we talked about hospital pharmacy, and how important and how many different jobs we have within a hospital as a pharmacist. In my case, my favorite was to work in the ER… All that has worked with me in a hospital know that as soon as they page a Code Blue, I was running towards that place to see how I could help.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 2:11
I also wanted to talk about how pharmacists are practicing pharmacy nowadays without being in a traditional job. What I mean by traditional jobs is that pharmacists previously, were only practicing pharmacy either in a pharmacy whether it was dispensing pharmacy, or closed doors pharmacy, we will talk about that in detail in another opportunity but basically those the ship everything to the patient and nobody comes physically to the pharmacy, and also in a hospital. Those are the two main or more traditional jobs that pharmacists have. Nowadays, we have what is called non-traditional pharmacy jobs that are more and more being What people have chosen to do for a bunch of reasons.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 3:04
Initially, we didn’t have enough pharmacists to cover all the new chain pharmacies that were opening. So the schools of pharmacy were required to graduate more people and other schools of pharmacy open to graduate more people. Now, my opinion is that they didn’t dial back once that balance was reached. And now we have an excess of pharmacist that are having a hard time finding traditional or conventional jobs. So, what we have done as an alternative is that we have created our own venues or alternative jobs for ourselves, like myself.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 3:49
I have a job as a podcaster that is not at dispensing pharmacist job, not at retail, pharmacy, or closed doors pharmacy, nor is it a hospital pharmacy. I am educated in my community, the people that are listening to me, you guys specifically thank you for doing that, and spreading the knowledge that I have accumulated through the past 26 years of my career.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 4:17
Like myself, other pharmacists are doing more what is called consulting, that is something that started maybe 20 years ago, but today is proliferating quite a bit. So, what my colleagues are doing now is that they are establishing their own practice, where they get patients to come over, and then they will do a consultation with them in specific areas that they’re experts on. And those are the kind of people that I’m inviting for the following 10 episodes for you guys to learn and understand what we are doing and what alternatives do you have in healthcare.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 4:55
Also, one thing that is coming is what is called providers. That is for pharmacists. Basically what it is, is that we are not considered a “provider” for healthcare, medicare Medicaid in general. And that happens because the legislators that are deciding these laws are not knowledgeable enough to understand that we pharmacists have a lot of clinical knowledge that can help patients. And, will eventually, with our help reduce their issues, complications with drugs, admissions to ER because of complications and ignorance about medications that doctors could not explain to them because, well, we already discussed this… They don’t even know it’s not that they didn’t want to; it’s just that they don’t know. So that is one of the reasons other reasons that we can help patients to avoid in what is called readmissions or being admitted to the hospital again for the same problem that they were admitted before is because we can monitor them, we can follow up with them, and we do have more time, and we have more empathy with patient than doctors and nurses do. Plus, we have an education that is specific, and we are the experts with drugs that could help patients in these terms.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 6:18
So if the legislators that are approving these laws would understand this, they will approve that we could be providers so we can be independent and practice on our own, without being supervised by a physician. We will work with your doctors is not that we are completely independent. But we have then the ability and the right to bill, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance, telling them hey, we provided this service we improve the possibilities than the future of this patient. You need to pay me that is not happening.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 6:53
Just notice how an unfair quote here, nothing to do with my friends that are in these professions, but see how unfair it is physical therapy, nutritionist and occupational therapists, as well as speech pathologist; all of them are considered independent providers. But we’re not!.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 7:15
The mentality that the legislators have about pharmacists is that we only count pills. And that’s one of the reasons why I created this podcast. That is not it. You have already learned a lot about what we do and how we do it. And there is a lot more coming. So that’s part of the reason why I wanted to talk specifically about this.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 7:37
If you have the opportunity to discuss this with somebody that is opposed to pharmacist being providers. I will really appreciate it if you send them to me. I’ll be happy to explain to them why and how we will do it to help the community.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 7:54
Okay, I wanted to tell you two more things that are important to me, and that I wanted to share with you.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 8:05
The very first one is an event called “live your best life alternative health and wellness summit 2020”. This is the summit that is happening next week, specifically from January the 15th through January the 29th is an online summit that is organized by somebody that I know and is very passionate about, helping others find their own personal wellness. Her name is Cheryl K. (I will not dare to pronounce her last name I will spell there in the show notes you will see why). And she has organized this; she has 31 different experts that will be speaking in this summit. Delivering their areas of expertise. You will have yoga therapist, fitness professionals, nutritionists, sex therapists, divorce the rehab specialists, Pain Management specialists, weight-loss coaches, and me, I will be one of the speakers.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 9:07
So I wanted to invite you personally to this summit if you are into wellness, and you want to learn a little bit about how to improve your personal life or if any of these areas will resonate with you, and you need help with that. I will invite you to this summit is free. I will post the information the links on my show notes for this episode, episode number five, so you can go to thelegaldrugdealer.com/5. And there, you will find information, and you can click on it and subscribe.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 9:44
This will be my first summit ever, and I’m very excited. We talk about street drugs, prescription drugs, CBD, and what I think about them. We talk about the use of medications, possible complications, and we talk about the reality of what patients think or expect about drugs in general. It was very interesting, and I think it is going to be an eye-opener for a bunch of people. I hope that you go, attend and learn a lot from us. So again is going to be “Live your best life, alternative health and wellness summit 2020”. I will leave the link and the know in the show notes. Again the legaldrugdealer.com/5, and there you will have the information you just have to click on it and register, and then you will be able to learn from all these other 30 experts and me.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 9:44
The very last thing that I wanted to talk to you about is something very personal. I have two beautiful blonde, girls that work with me every-single-day. They are the best supporters that I have. They love me, unconditionally. They make sure I walk out of my chair (because I want to work so hard every day that I don’t stop, and I do not take breaks). They are very loving, and the best part is that they never allow me to feel alone. They’re always there with me. I am specifically talking about my dogs. They are two beautiful yellow labs. The oldest just turned 11 last week and her name is Bella Cristina. And the other one is 9, and her name is Zoe Gabriella. They are always with me, they’re always next to me, in my office, in our bed, wherever I go. They always go with me.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 10:48
And when I say wherever I go, I mean it. Those of you that have dogs will understand what I’m talking about. So I wanted to say that because my coworkers are very sweet and nice and all that, but also they’re very lazy. They sleep all day. And they snore both of them do. So, If whenever we are in the middle of the interview or if I’m talking to you, by myself on you hear some weird noises in the background, maybe, it is them drinking water, or maybe them wagging their tail against the wall or scratching, yawning or even snoring.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 12:36
For that, I apologize. I will post a picture of them in the show notes as well, so you will see who I’m talking about. They’re adorable, and I love them to death. They are individually our babies. The oldest is Matt’sbaby and the youngest Zoey is my baby.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 12:56
So that is it! I just wanted to let you know, That I think it is important for you to know what’s going on on this side of the microphone. And for you also to know that I’m a human, that I am a person that I am just like you, I happen to know a little bit more about drugs than you do. And that’s why I am doing this. That’s why I’m educating you with the knowledge that I have. But other than that, we’re just the same, where people just the same. So if you are a dog person like we are, send me your pictures with your babies, I would love to see your dogs, your babies, your cats, your snakes, maybe… and all kinds of pets that you guys might have. So send it to my email, which is comments@thelegaldrugdealer.com.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 13:50
And of course, if you have any questions or any specific areas that you would like me to approach in the future, please send them to me to the same email.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 14:00
The next three episodes are going to be interviewed that I will be talking to Angela Soliz, my colleague, Angela, and she’s going to be talking about compounding. And then episode number seven is going to be about hormonal management and bioidentical with my colleague Sharad Green. And Episode Number eight, we’re going to be talking to my colleague Theresa Morrow, about pre-diabetes education.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 14:25
And then after that, it will be another solo episode like this one, where I will be answering your questions and talking a little bit about me, so you are free to ask questions and send them to me to my email, and I will respond them, whether I can do it quickly directly to you via email or during the following solo episode that I will be recording.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 14:51
So that is it for this episode. Thank you so much for listening. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Give us a review that would help me tremendously to get more relevance and iTunes and for other people to discover and learn with us.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 15:06
If you have a question, please don’t forget to send them to me at comments@thelegaldrugdealer.comand I will respond to you directly, or during the following so episode that I will be recording also, there is always See I told you she makes noises.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 15:24
Also, visit thelegaldrugdealer.com and look around to see what I have there for you a lot of stuff that I have put there, follow us on Instagram, and join our private Facebook group community. And please subscribe to our mailing list so you will not miss a thing.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 15:43
I will be talking next week as I said about compounding with Dr. Angela Soliz, is going to be a very informative episode is one of my passions within pharmacy as a profession. And she is a sweetheart so so good, and she knows so much. He’s such an Experienced pharmacist, and she is also my friend. I’m very lucky to have very smart friends.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 16:06
So I am done.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 16:08
But before I go on just in case no one has told you today, I wanted to take a minute to remind you of how AWESOME you are. And how lucky are those that have you in their lives! Thank you for being The Awesome you, that you are.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 16:27
Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 16:29
This is Marilena Grittani, The Legal Drug Dealer.

Marilena Grittani, RPh 16:33
Bye for now!

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