How Functional Medicine Can Help Your Overall Health

#28 How Functional Medicine Can Help Your Overall Health

Hola! Today, I am excited to introduce to your our very energetic guest, Kimberley Kallio, an engineer turned functional pharmacist. 

Kimberley Kallio has a very interesting story in which she grew up with a mom who’s a profession is a pharmacist and actually worked in her mother’s pharmacy but shunned the idea of following her mother’s footsteps. She loves problem-solving and didn’t see herself as someone working in a pharmacy her whole life thus she pursue engineering.

It was only then when she got her engineering degree when she realized that yes, she loves solving problems, she loves the numbers, but the social aspect was not there and she misses the joy of working in a pharmacy.

Hence, what made her decide to follow her mother’s footsteps and pursue a degree in pharmacy! 

And today, we will talk about how functional medicine works and how it can help your overall health. But before that, I wanted to talk to you about functional medicine pharmacy.

What is a functional medicine pharmacist?

According to Kalish Institute, the functional medicine pharmacist is in position to offer a wide range of services for their patients. Beyond just advice about how to and how not to take a medication, a functional medicine pharmacist can offer advice on foods and lifestyle factors that can help with a given condition such as stress reduction breathing exercises if you have high blood pressure.

In other terms, it is a practice of looking at a person’s medical condition not in a black and white pattern but a practice of seeing right through beyond that condition.

What we talk about

  • Why taking care of your body is an investment
  • Looking out ways into changing some of the (200) prescribed drugs into nutritional diets
  • How diet and exercise is a foundational way of coping up with what comes up to your daily life
  • The danger of keto diets if not done right
  • The consequences of any medical intervention
  • The misconception of OTC or Over The Counter medications
  • How functional medicine system approach differs from the regular medical system approach

“If you take care of your body well, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.” -Kimberley Kallio-

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