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March 10, 2020

Corona Virus Update #3 ~ Some Personal Stuff

With Marilena Grittani, RPh

An update of the most current information available up to 3/9/2020 related to the new Corona Virus or COVID-19. 

Some of the more relevant points are:

  • Children and The new Corona Virus
  • Pets and COVID-19
  • Pregnant women and the Chinese virus
  • High-risk patients for the new coronavirus
  • What to do if you have symptoms
  • New CDC & WHO recommendations
  • Most recent studies about COVID-19
  • And some personal stuff…


"The problem with people that are healthy and that are only considered carriers of the disease or those that have very, very mild reactions to this virus, is that they're carriers and they can spread it, which is exactly what has been happening"

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"So the only thing that we can do right now, to improve the situation of this virus is to prevent the trend that is spreading so fast. So again, if you are having any fever and dry cough, you are the one that needs to use a mask..."

"I believe that we, in the US, are going to have a really high number of confirmed cases because we did not have enough tests till few a couple of days ago... I don't want you to get alarmed because of the high numbers that are going to show because, we were not testing before"

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Episode Transcripts

Marilena Grittani, RPh  0:04  

Hola! Marilena Grittani here. Welcome to The Legal drug dealer Podcast. I am a registered pharmacist and also your host. This is episode number 13. And on this episode I’m going to give you an update about Corona virus and an update of a personal stuff. And the reason why I haven’t recorded any other coronavirus between the last one, that was over three weeks ago and this one. So if you are interested in knowing why and how I’ve been doing, the past almost a month, please stay.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  0:37  

When I started recording episodes about the Quran virus, the novel coronavirus, or, COVID-19 was because I thought that people were panicking and people were lacking information. So I thought it was part of my mission and my responsibility to educate the community based on primary sources which is exactly where most information comes from and educate, and give them a little reasoning of what other people might be talking about, clarifying some of the doubts that they had. And most importantly, explaining the real science behind all this virus information, but in words and terminology that everybody can understand. I knew that the spreading of the virus was going to be about what it is right now. But it wasn’t my place, nor the time for me to say that on my podcast.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  1:34  

I am happy to see that both the World Health Organization as well as the center of prevention and disease control here in the US, have published a ton of information regarding this virus, and there’s a lot of answers that they have, now to share it with the public and is the most important part is that you can access it. I will include all the links for the information that I’m going to provide today, on the episode page, which is going to be thelegaldrugdealer.com/13 because this is Episode 13.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  2:09  

Again, it would be on the 13th episode page, which is thelegadrugdealer.com/13. Fortunately, the information is very clear, but it’s a lot and for people that are not used to review, this type of medical information,might be overwhelming and it might be confusing. So my goal with this episode is just kind of synthesize or kind of give you in a “pill”, if I may say, the information that you need to know how you need to manage it,and open my platform for you to have any questions answered that you might have or any clarifications that you might need.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  2:47  

I want to begin with the situation report that the World Health Organization publishes every day since this virus became became,that big of a deal which was 49 days ago. So the report that we got today, March 9 2020, at 10am says the following in the past 24 hours, globally, we have 109,577 cases confirmed from which 3,993 are new in the past 24 hours. They been 3809 deaths and 225 deaths are from the past 24 hours.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  3:34  

Specifically in China we have 80,904 confirmed cases from which 45 are new from the last 24 hours. We have 3,123 deaths and 23 of those are new in the past 24 hours. Outside of China we have 28,673 confirmed cases, which 3948 are new 686 total deaths, and 202 from those 686 are new in the past 24 hours. So far we have 104 countries/territories/areas that have reported the virus; three of them are new. I also have here a map that shows the spread in which I will include this link on the notes for the show that is going to be thelegaldrugdealer.com/13. And it’s going to be called situation report number 49. Where we have every single country that is affected and how many people are affected by the country. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  4:40  

Unfortunately, we’re adding countries as it goes. And that was expected because people travel and the virus spreads. It’s not what we wanted this to happen. We just know that that the way the virus’ work.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  4:55  

Just to give you an idea when people talk about a video that was Published, whether in YouTube, or Instagram, or Facebook, and within hours, thousands of people published it; and then it becomes a sensation. The word that is used to describe that is VIRAL, this video went viral. And that terminology comes from actually this the virus world because that’s the way that viruses spread; super fast and is exponential, which means it’s not one or two cases extra every day. But, the numbers that we’ve seen now, in comparison with the numbers that we handle in January, are ginormous. So that’s normally what happened. That’s how virus spread. And we’re talking about all kinds of viruses, because they spread in different ways. In this case, specifically the what is called the COVID 19, which is theCorna Virus Disease, 2019. That’s where it comes from is very contagious. In the form that we call droplets, which is tiny, teeny droplets of saliva, or mucus that we might have in our respiratory system that we share with others..

Marilena Grittani, RPh  6:17  

What happens is that when you talk, you might spit a little bit of saliva and that’ saliva that contains the virus and then wherever it lands, people might touch it. And then with their hands, they can put it in their eyes, their nose or their mouth, and then that’s how they get contaminated.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  6:34  

The spread have been confirmed in the past studies that have been published in the World Health Organization, which is thousands of them, by the way, most of them in China; that the virus is spread human to human. Even though this virus is very common in animals, they don’t get sick, they just transmit. Animals are what is called carriers of the virus. Which means that they have it even leaves in their body without causing any harm. But then once it goes to another entity in this case a human because we are have not immunity against, them then humans get sick. Now, there is something that is very important clarified who is truly in high risk. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  7:21  

Based on what we have learned so far about covered 2019 the way that it affects people is older people and people with what is called “pre existing medical conditions”.  That is what media have been repeating constantly. Unfortunately, they are not explaining what that means and people are confused. So, what the World Health Organization is trying to say with those words, pre existing medical conditions are diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, lung diseases, cancer Diabetes. Which this diseases put the individual in high risk of getting a really bad infection by this virus, because their body is already compromised with other diseases and the immune system is fighting all these other diseases and is basically caught distracted, fighting other diseases and they don’t have enough strength to deal with this new virus.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  8:26  

Now, other people like you and me that we don’t have any other “pre existing medical conditions”, people that normally have allergies or people that might have just one cold every year that proves that your immune system is working really well; And you might have a very mild case of coronavirus… If you ever get in contact with somebody that can give it to you. So the worst case scenario will be that you are going to have, something similar to a cold that Wouldn’t be cough, it would be fever, it would be some aches, you are going to feel that you just want to lay down and rest, because your immune system is telling you chill, I need to work. So don’t spend your energy on anything else but healing. And after a few days you will be fine.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  9:19  

The problem with people that are healthy, and that are only considered carriers of the disease or those that have very, very mild reactions to this virus, is that they’re carriers and they can spread it, which is exactly what has been happening.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  9:38  

So for those that are feeling any of the symptoms, which are based on the information that the World Health Organization provides is fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Some of them have some aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea. Those are symptoms that are mild, that unfortunately, they sound like a common cold. And being the winter in some many places in the US and other places in the world, might be the time to have this type of reactions to the weather; then you should isolate yourself, you should put yourself away from others. And you are the one that needs to wear a mask, those that have a cough, those that have fever, and those that might have the disease are the ones that need to be protected. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  10:31  

They protect themselves by containing the virus within them, not spreading it to others. So you need to be mindful, because this became viral because of lack of education, and because most people that had the virus but didn’t have symptoms, did not think about it, and went out to the world and spread it. They traveled across the continents. They travel to different countries, they went on cruises, having In terms and that’s why it became viral.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  11:02  

So the only thing that we can do right now, to improve the situation of this virus is to prevent the trend that is spreading so fast. So again, if you are having any fever and dry cough, you are the one that needs to use a mask. Why is it only sick people that needs to use mask, and that is because we want them to keep it to themselves. So when do they use that they should use it at home, when they are in the room that they should be by themselves and restrict accessibility from other people. So, that room would be only for the person that is sick, and very few people should come in and when they do, they should wear mask,as well, and gloves and then touch the minimum amount of areas possible.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  11:53  

And the person that is sick should be wiping up every single surface and keep everything clean and not spread it anymore after a few days, like any cold, you’re going to feel better. And then when you are tested that you don’t have it anymore or your symptoms have disappeared, then you will be free to go out and do your live normally; these people are the ones that have their responsibility to stop this virus from being spread. So those people that have a job and have this symptomse should be excused from work or should be able to work from home, whether it’s via phone, via email, via computer, anything that they could do at home… Because I understand that people need their money, but at the same time, we need to stop spreading the disease.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  12:39  

So what are we expecting that is going to happen in the near future? Personally, I believe that we, in the US, are going to have a really high number of confirmed cases because we did not have enough tests till few a couple of days ago. So now that the tests have arrived at finally the federal government allowed an important amount of money to be invested on this, now is when the tests have been produced and distributed and bought and distributed. And now it’s when people are going to start tested;we did not have that many tests, and it was not a priority for the government because they thought that we were not going to get it, but we had it for more than two months.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  13:20  

So now when everybody starts getting tested is going to be a lot of numbers. But it’s not new cases, cases that might be actually almost over or cases that are in the middle of the 14 days incubation period, and some of them might be new. So, I don’t want you to get alarmed because of the high numbers that are going to show because we were not testing before.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  13:44  

And that in my personal opinion, is a failure from the federal government because we needed to know exactly what was going on, and I don’t think they realize how important this was. I absolutely trust public health authorities as well as the CDC, and I know they tried their best to communicate to the federal government. But because they were disphased, because they don’t share the same information because they don’t believe that’s what was going to happen. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  14:11  

It was delayed and the only ones that suffered from that were, the ones that are sick and the ones that could be diagnosed on an early stage and not be dead by now; nor the ones that are infected, now by those that didn’t know they were positive, and continue living their lives. Normally I symptomatic which means no symptoms.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  14:32  

So I think it was very irresponsible to not get enough tests, is very sad to know that that’s happening. And I wish it didn’t I have to give kudos to to South Korea because at this point, they are given between 15 to 20,000 tests a day, a day while in the US we still don’t make it to the thousand in a day. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  15:00  

So the productivity that South Korea has with their population and the importance that they have put in this subject, is been key for the spreading of this disease and diagnosis and keep their public health under control.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  15:14  

We unfortunately did not make it. Now, another personal opinion is that I live in the state of Arizona, and because of certain information that I have, I can attest you that the healthcare department in the states are doing exactly what they need to do, and they’re working on the state level to get what they need to do, done. Whether it’s with the government, whether it’s working directly with the governor, or with the health department of the state, things have been moving forward and what it is or getting ready for whenever the virus spread, the way that we knew was going to get spread.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  15:53  

So that part is not delayed. The problem is that without testing, they couldn’t do that much, but they’re ready. What’s I want to communicate to you is that, there is plans of actions that exists in every single hospital, and every single entity in this country regulated by the Center of Medicare Services or CMS, they make you, every year review those policies and what is it that you need to do? How do you do it, who to called or is responsible for what and how to put it in place, and you need to have a book that has every single detail of what to do on how to do it in cases like this. So that hospitals are prepare in case that something like this occurs. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  16:35  

This was stablished a bunch of years ago, that is what was put in place when Ebola was the case when SARS what was the case, the bird flu, so we have this in place. It’s not that the hospitals are sitting waiting for the President to say yet we’re gonna make sure this is done. They have been doing their job, diligently and I can attest to that, at least in the state of Arizona.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  16:58  

So I know my colleagues pharmacists in the whole country are fighting for their patients, trying to get enough medications and enough supplies for them never to be missing them. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  17:10  

The problem is that we get a lot of supplies from China. And because we cannot get anything from there because well, their production is almost zero, we are going to have a disruption of products. Some of them are medications. Some of them are accessories, like syringes or needles or a bunch of stuff that come from China that they will not be able to have.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  17:33  

So, every single purchasing department in every single Hospital in this country is getting as many as they can to make sure,they have enough for their patients whenever they would need it. I know for a fact pharmacists in the whole country are doing the same thing. There are certain products that they cannot get that they’re already having issues, so they have implemented some interchanged to switch the patient to other products that might be similar, and they’re talking directly to the physicians, to make sure that this happens. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  18:01  

So not because we didn’t have tests available, it means that the whole process of prevention of or getting ready for what this virus might do, was stopped. That’s not the case.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  18:13  

So you might be asking yourself, okay, if I’m not to wear a mask, but only those that are sick, how do I protect myself? Well, the best protection that you can do is to avoid contact with people that might have the virus. Wash your hands constantly. And whenever you’re out and about, don’t touch your face, don’t touch your mouth. Don’t touch your eyes with your hands, because that’s the way that you get the virus and whether you are very strong or you’re weak and your immune system, you shouldn’t be doing this. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  18:43  

Also, continue to clean all the surfaces that might have high contact of people, like a desk or a countertop, that you have people coming in and out that you don’t really know where they’re coming from; and if they have any access to the virus, make sure that you use alcohol based cleaners and make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  19:07  

If you don’t have that you can have alcohol based gels to clean your hands, which is at least 60% alcohol. That is what you can do.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  19:16  

Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth. Wash your hands, know where you are. Be mindful of not being in an area that might be contaminated.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  19:27  

If you don’t feel well, the best thing that you can do is stay home, isolate yourself, and don’t be panicking.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  19:35  

Talking about supplies. People are panicking and buying toilet paper and water and stuff like if the zombies are coming to get us. That’s not the way to do this. First of all, why? That’s not, how we go with this type of viruses. Yes, you need supplies. If you’re sick. If you’re starting to get sick, you do need supplies, because you’re not supposed to leave your house; but your family and your friends can still go and get your stuff and put in the door for you so you can grab them. But it doesn’t mean that all cost goes in the whole country or out of water and toilet paper. How does toilet paper has anything to do with coronavirus? I don’t understand that. But it’s happening.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  20:19  

Same thing with masks. Nobody can find masks. The worst part of it is that people that need it, hence, those that are contaminated or even worse, the ones that are healthy but need to be protected from the ones that are contaminated and they’re treating them, we’re talking about doctors, nurses, X ray technicians, lab technicians, they can’t find them! because people have them in their house doing nothing, collecting dust, so please be mindful, understand that this is not about you.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  20:50  

This is about public safety. And we have entities departments of health that are working for the community, protecting them and if you have nothing to fear. Why are you getting panic?

Marilena Grittani, RPh  21:04  

Now, if you do have “pre existing conditions”, let’s say that you are 80 years old and you also have COPD and you have respiratory problems, issues with your immune system… stay put, do what is called quarantine yourself, which means you’re healthy, but you’re away so you don’t get the disease,because you are in high risk position based on your situation.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  21:30  

The ones that are sick or getting symptoms, even if they’re mild. They need to be isolated, so they don’t spread it and the ones that are healthy but are in high risk need to be quarentine, so they are away from those that could get them sick.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  21:47  

That way we prevent them from having any complications that , most likely this type of people are the ones that might have the worst case scenario with this disease. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  21:57  

Important information that both the CDC See or center of control and prevention of disease as well as the World Health Organization is this virus likes dry and cold weather. We’re about to finish winter spring is almost here, we’re getting rid of the cold, the virus is not going to survive in surfaces as long as it has and most likely is going to go away very soon, simply because the hot weather, as well as the moist weather that would put the virus in latent period, which is that wherever it is, is going to be there to sleeping like hibernating and then when it becomes cold again, it will come back.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  22:39  

But most likely, if it happens, we would have a vaccine by this time of the year next year, because a vaccine would take about a year or a year and a half to be develop. So hopefully that is what is going to happen.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  22:54  

I wanted to clarify a few more things of common questions here. Are you at risk Getting the disease from your dogs or can you give it to the dog If you are contaminated? We know that coronavirus lives in animals, without making them sick. They’re what is called a carrier. And animals are not at risk with that the transmission is person-to-person by droplet or little tiny teeny teeny drops of saliva or cough or sneeze that will come from you when you cough or sneeze.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  23:27  

Breast milk is believed that this virus is it’s not being transmitted from the breast milk of the mother, that may have the virus to the kid. The only way that she will transmit it, is if she talks to the baby and some saliva goes to the baby’s mouth or eyes or ears. If the mom, doesn’t have good hands hygiene and after she coughed or she doesn’t wear a mask and that might be the way for the baby to get it. But fortunately, the risk of kids is very, very, very Low. There’s not that many cases reported so far with babies or kids being contaminated by this virus.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  24:08  

Same thing with pregnant ladies, there’s no information of high incidency of pregnant women with this virus; hat is not a high risk situation being pregnant.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  24:21  

Those that have higher risk I’m going to repeat are those that have heart disease, diabetes, lung diseases, like asthma,COPD, or congestive pulmonary obstructive disease, or any other respiratory problems,; because your immune system is already busy work fighting this disease and any of this viruses could cause a lot of harm to these people. Also those that are immunosuppressed are the ones that should be on quarantine, which means away from those that could contaminate them.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  24:54  

So there’s two different concepts the concept of isolation, which is what you do with the that are carriers or people that have the disease or the virus, that need to be apart from anybody, so they don’t contaminate anybody else. And then you have the people that are healthy, but have high risk of getting realistic if they contract the disease, so then they need to be quarantine. Don’t confuse one with the other Once people said, I was ordered to be quarantine, that means that you’re healthy, you don’t have any issues. You just have a high risk. And if you’re told to be isolated, that means that you should not be in contact with anybody because you have it and you could spread it.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  25:34  

There’s a couple of people on Facebook that our carrier stuff that they cease or they have tested positive whatever it was, they’re perfectly healthy, not even fever, not all of the symptoms are present on these people and they have recorded videos of themselves on Facebook showing that they’re fine. They are okay 70% of the people that are contaminant With the virus will be like that, whether they have very, very, very mild symptoms or no symptoms. Only a few those that are in high risk are the ones that are going to get really sick.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  26:11  

 The reason for panicking should not exist. Do you need to know? Am I in high risk? Do I have heart disease? Do I have diabetes? Do I have lung disease? Do I have issues with my immune system? If the answer is yes, to any of those questions, or all of them, then you need to quarantine yourself. You need to be away and not been areas where you can get contaminated because the chances that you might get really sick with this virus exists.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  26:39  

Then If your answer is NO to every question, which is do I have heart disease? Do I have diabetes? Do I have lung diseases or do I have any issues with my immune system, then you should be fine with very, very low risk. Of course, we will suggest that you continue washing your hands, that you try to be at least six to 10 feet from other people. If you catch somebody coughing try to leave that place, because you don’t know. Make sure you continue hand sanitizers to clean your hands that have at least 60% alcohol. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  27:11  

There’s a lot of resources in both the World Health Organization,as well as, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that are available for the public. I will include all the links of this on the episode page, which is going to be thelegaldrugdealer.com/13. There you will find the information you set to click on it and it’s going to take you directly to whether is the World Health Organization website or the CDC website.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  27:51  

Don’t listen to people that are not experts. Don’t listen to Facebook recommendations, don’t believe that you need to use pills to boost your immunity, because those are hacks that people are using to sell more of their product. And that is low. This is not a time to play with people’s feelings or people being scared or panicky. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  28:16  

Be aware of those that are trying to take advantage of the situation to make money from it, as well as the situation the World Health Organization is talking about, which is a scam alert. There is people that are saying,that they’re calling or knocking at the door of people, saying that they come from the World Health Organization, and they’re taking money and they’re taking resources and they’re being disrespectful and taking advantage of people. That is not the case. They don’t do that. Please don’t fall for that.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  28:50  

The last part that I wanted to talk about if you have the symptoms if you have fever, even if it’s very low grade and if you have other symptoms like fatigue, cough or sneezes or you don’t feel good, call your doctor immediately. And if your doctor does not respond to you, call the health department of your state and they have people there that are going to tell you what to do.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  29:16  

Don’t go to the ER call and ask what to do, because they know what it is that you need to be done. And then if they tell you, you go to this hospital or this ER, they will be waiting for you and they will treat you the way that you need to be treated. So number one, you get seen really quick and number two, you don’t continue spreading it.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  29:36  

So don’t even think oh I need to go to the ER and wait there for hours coughing in front of everybody because there’s people in the ER, that have nothing to do with coronavirus and you might infect them. So please, if you have symptoms, call your doctor or call the health department in your state, and say I have this sentence Please tell me what to do, and they will inform you they have a protocol in Place and they will tell you what steps to go through and what to do and how to do it, and they will be taking care of you the way that you need.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  30:09  

So if you have any other questions, remember that you can always ask me the email is comments at thelegaldrugdealer.com, and I will be happy to answer your questions directly. And if I don’t know the answer, I would either refer you to somebody else or to a website or we’ll research and learn with you. Again his email, comment@thelegaldrugdealer.com for any questions that you might have.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  30:33  

So that’s it for coronavirus.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  30:36  

Now, let me just talk really quickly about something personal that I wanted to let you know and to share with you why I haven’t published any other way I haven’t posted it why I haven’t posted any episodes about coronavirus for almost a month since February the 8th. This is what’s going on and this is a personal thing. So if you want to To know was about Corona virus and you don’t care about me, that’s fine. She just can turn off, the podcast right now if you are curious to know… I’m happy to share it with you. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  31:10  

This is what it is. I have been in pain, chronic pain for almost five years. And what I mean by that is that I have had pain every day all the time non stop. For the past five years, it’s been excruciating is been affected my personal life is been really bad. I was able to manage it, for the past three and a half, four years. But because I started  traveling driving a lot, 8 – 9 hours driving that exacerbated the problem. And it got to a point that I couldn’t sleep and my pain was from 1 being done mildest pain to 10 being the worst. I had about a 7 constantly… and it was getting to the point that I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  31:58  

So I started the process to Understand what it was and get the correct diagnosis which I was misdiagnosed several times. So even though, I know healthcare and I understand what to do and how to do it, I was misdiagnosed several times. The pain was literally in the middle of my butt. And we didn’t understand what it was. So originally I got diagnosed with what is called piriformis syndrome, which is a little tiny muscle that is deep, in your butt tick when it gets inflamed because it’s this type of pain. I got injected for it with steroids and I also got physical therapy for months and I had no relief.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  32:39  

After that, I moved here to Arizona and I started seeing another doctor and nothing got diagnosed. It was just inflammation and the pain was not improving.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  32:52  

I started going to this wonderful physical therapy facility that is called Arizona Manual Therapy. Shout out to the people there You know, guys that I love you starting with Richard, that is the main physical therapist there, and Natalie and Paige and Laurie,Railey, and, of course, my new friend, Avery, you guys have been awesome.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  33:17  

And they are the ones that actually told me what was the problem, because they were moving me and seeing what the problem was and how the pain was not improving and where it was. So they said that they suspected that I had what is called a labral tear, which basically is a tear of the area on my hip where my leg goes into.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  33:41  

I was seen by a doctor, they got an MRI on me and they couldn’t find it. So I went back to another procedure to see if I could get it improved, which is called a Tenex procedure. And yes, that improved the pain that I had, because of the problem, but it did not fix the problem.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  34:00  

So I went back to the surgeon that originally ordered an MRI and he said, but because we have done everything that we needed to do in order to avoid surgery and nothing have improved, I recommend that we do a surgery, and because I was in that level of desperation, I said, well, let’s just get it done because I can’t handle this pain anymore.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  34:21  

So we did and I got what is called a arthroscopy, labral tear repair. And what he did is that he went with little cameras and stuff with tiny, tiny holes in my leg. That’s how they did it.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  34:37  

And they found a tear. The tear was like a, like lips like a mouth super long and very skinny. And the problem is that both parts of the tear were overlapping; but once they went in, they saw it clearly. Actually, he took a picture of it with the suture like the needle that they used to sew you And it was huge. It was really long.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  35:02  

And that was the problem. I got that tear caused by the fact that, my femur or the longest bone that you have in your leg, I was born with it defective, the neck of it was not curved enough. So that area kept going into the socket where it goes in my hip, and you know for friction and I am guilty of overdoing Pilatus reformer… I damaged myself so that was self-inflicted, I didn’t know and that is what happens.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  35:34  

So I got my surgery. The last two weeks before surgery, the pain was unbearable, I could not do that much. My surgery was February the 13th.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  35:47  

And I’ve been doing exercises and in crutches and in recovery mode, for this week’s and Today’s the first time that I come back to record and that’s why I didn’t record anything before. 

Marilena Grittani, RPh  35:59  

Not because the Corona virus have not been progressed not because we didn’t have any updates is because I was taking care of myself. I’m doing much better. Today I’ve got the good news that I can start walking around the neighborhood, I can walk up to 10 minutes with just one crutch (YAYYYY).

Marilena Grittani, RPh  36:16  

 I can sit up which I couldn’t do it for three and a half weeks. And I’m doing really, really good. My apologies for not keeping you informed with coronavirus enough. But, as I always say, you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. And that is exactly what I did.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  36:35  

I want to say in a very deep, meaningful way: Thank you to a lot of people first and foremost to the guy that deals with me every day and every night and puts up with my c r a p. Mr. Matt, thank you for what you’ve done for me because without him there’s no way that I couldn’t done this. And of course, Dr. Bertg Shout out to Timothy Bert here in Scottsdale, he fixed me. And also Katie, his PA there have been awesome. Thank you so much for getting me out of pain.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  37:10  

And of course the wonderful team at Arizona manual therapy, specifically Richard, Avery, and my beloved Natalie, you guys have been awesome. Thank you so much for getting me where I am.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  37:24  

And we, of course are going to hear from Natalie soon she’s coming to talk about physical therapy and how manual therapy works so everybody could take advantage of this type of new therapy.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  37:37  

Of course I have to say thank you to the dog sitter, because for those that know I have two year labs that are lovely and wonderful and super spoiled but they pull really hard so I cannot work them with crutches. So thank you, Angela for helping us to walk the babies and thank you to the babies for being the best “nurses” “furry-nurses” that I could ever had. Always They’re giving me love and support. And being close to me the it’s been it’s been a really good recovery period.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  38:07  

But as every surgery, it was a little bit hard. So I’m much better now I’m starting to cook, I’m starting to work again, you are having a lot of me without pain very soon, coming to you for a long, long time, hopefully.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  38:22  

So that is it for today. I just wanted you to to know what is going on and how this personal stuff affected me and you in this case, as well. So thank you so much for being patient with me.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  38:36  

And thank you, of course for listening today. I just wanted to say, please subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t yet. If you can, please give us a review… Reviews are important because that way people understand what we do and the quality of my content and then other people will listen and take advantage of the information that I’m sharing with you every day.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  38:55  

If you have any questions, please send it to me at comments@thelegaldrugdealer.com and it will respond to you directly. Also visit the website that is called thelegaldrugdealer.com and I have stuff there for you including an episode page for today which is thelegaldrugdealer.com/13, because this is Episode 13 if you see the Instagram logo or the Facebook logo, click on it so you can subscribe or start following us there.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  39:26  

I wanted to tell you the next week we’re going to have an episode about managing chronic diseases with Dr. Joy Eziaku. She is a pharmacist that is a personal coach and healthcare chronic diseases she would manage with every patient the situation that they have and improve at the best that they can their medications so the patient can have the best quality of life is going to be a very informative episode and she is so kind and you’re going to enjoy it because she’s very professional and super focused on her patients.So don’t miss it.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  40:00  

With that I’m done. But, before I go on just in case no one has told you today, I wanted to take a minute to remind you of how awesome you are; and how lucky are those that have you in their lives.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  40:12  

Thank you for being the awesome you that you are.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  40:16  

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  40:18  

This is Marilena Grittani The Legal Drug Dealer.

Marilena Grittani, RPh  40:21  

Bye for now.

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