#27 How Medical Insurance Covers Your Medical Expenses with Marian Haze

In terms of medication, the number one concern for us citizens is the expenses around this medication. How much will it cost and will our insurance cover those costs?  Join us today as we talk about all of that and more. What is medical insurance, how it will cover your medication, and how it will affect you and your family in terms of medical expenses.  I am excited to introduce to you our guest today, Marian Haze. Marian is a Pharmacy Technician for thirteen long years who not only has experience working with retail pharmacy but independent and big pharmacy as well. She also worked in a hospital in-patient pharmacy.  Her vast experience and knowledge about medical insurance will help us dig deep into the issue regarding medical insurance, the rules around it and the effect it has for you and your family members.  

  • This episode is important for everybody that lives in the USA and has a private, federal, state and military insurance 
  • It might be a little bit nerdy, but these details you need to know, so you can take advantage of their benefits and not be surprised when you least expect it.
  • Please listen if you are a child, grandchild, caregiver, friend or family member of a Medicare part D holder, so you will understand the burden that your elder family member or friend must go through; and then if you have the capability, go on and help them. With the use of a computer, with research, by bringing an expert to the table to support or help them, or by talking to the pharmacy on their behalf, to be supported.
  • The information in this episode is for you if you have a private insurance, or a federal insurance (Medicare), or a military Insurance (Tricare), or state insurance (Medical), or if you do not have insurance at all and you rather use discount cards.

 Some of the things we talk about are:

  • The rules of using your insurance card for prescription and how the pharmacists process it 
  • Is there a difference between a cash price, insurance price, and discount price 
  • How member number and BIN number change and why you should check your insurance card beyond its registered ID number
  • What happens whenever you run to the pharmacy with your own card and you need to run a prescription through the insurance for your child or spouse and you don’t have their own insurance card 
  • Why does the pharmacist ask for your Social Security number
  • What is a donut hole and how to get out of it
  • How to check how much you’ve spent with your insurance card
  • How relocation affects your medical insurance
  • Why the pharmacy doesn’t accept coupons when you hare on Medicaid or Medicare

 “People don’t realize that  the donut hole only comes into your plan when you exceed the initial coverage that you’ve agreed upon.” -Marian Haze-  Episode & Presentation Links: 

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