Hola, today’s episode is a little bit different from what we usually discuss, but I think it’s important to address this issue. Today, we are going to talk about sexual dysfunction in females. We are going to dive deep into discussing why you feel pain or discomfort during sexual interaction or why you see changes in your sexual desire after you gave birth or in menopausal stage.  We are also going to discuss the misconception that “it is normal” to feel that way especially when you’re in menopausal stage.  Today, I invited an expert to help us understand sexual dysfunction in female. What is the underlying caused of it and how it is related to Pelvic bone. Jessica Chastka is a Physical Therapist specializing in Pelvic Floor. She received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in August 2015. And earned her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  She became interested in women’s and men’s health after participating in mission trips and clinical rotations where she treated patients with pelvic floor conditions. She became inspired to help people who didn’t know they could be helped, and strives to work with her patients to improve their quality of life. Jessica is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Section of Women’s health. She especially likes helping her patient’s create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and getting them back to the exercise of their choosing. And today, Jessica and I dive deep into discussing sexual dysfunction and how it is related to pelvic floor. Jessica also discuss ways to help identify if you’re a possible patient.   What we talk about:

  • 7:58 What is pelvic floor and the role it has in our body organs
  • 11:39 What is pelvic floor therapy, is it a new thing
  • 12:50 Should you undergo pelvic floor therapy after you gave birth
  • 17:26 What is considered as sexual dysfunction
  • 26:26 A preview to how it’s like when you consult PT for pelvic floor
  • 31:49 Is your pain connected in STD
  • 33:39 Common misconception of sexual dysfunction being related to pelvic floor
  • 36:06 Guys and pelvic floor
  • 39:27 The first step you should do to know if Pelvic floor therapy is what you need

 Other resources mentioned: Dr. Lynn Stiff: https://lnk.bio/vzDFPelvic Rehab Website: https://pelvicrehab.com/Jessica’s podcast: PT Below The Waist PodcastSullivan Physical Therapy: https://www.sullivanphysicaltherapy.com/ Connect with Jessica:FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.chastkaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessica_chastka/?hl=enPinterest: https://twitter.com/jessicachastka?lang=enLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-chastka-916009121/ Tweetable takeaway: 

The biggest misconception for women is that having pain with sex in normal.

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